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Harbor Revitalization Drawings and Construction Schedule Released

The Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board has received and posted additional Harbor Revitalization documents, including the proposed construction schedule, commercial core site plan, marina layout and hotel drawings. To view these and additional Harbor Revitalization documents received from the County and Dana Point Harbor Partners, visit our document library here. Additional materials will be posted as they are received.

First DPHP Lease Documents Posted

On July 17th the OC Board of Supervisors approved proceeding with Dana Point Harbor Partners to revitalize and operate Dana Point Harbor for 66 years. Before fully executing the lease agreement, both parties agreed to a 90- to 120-day option period, during which DPHP is required to finalize their redevelopment and operating plans and submit them to the County for review. 5th District Supervisor Lisa Bartlett directed the OC Real Estate office to provide copies of these documents to the Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board for public review. DPHAB has established a dedicated web page to post these documents. The first two DPHP lease documents have been received and posted; these include the ma