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12 Guiding Principles - A Guide to Our Harbor's Future

At our April board meeting, the DPHAB reviewed, updated and approved a refreshed set of priorities for the redevelopment of Dana Point Harbor. Read more about what preceded this here. This updated set of 12 Guiding Principles are intended to serve as a guide for the revitalization of our harbor and a protection of our community's vision for our harbor's future; they will be presented to our elected leaders, County and City management and our new developer with our encouragement that they remain a formative set of priorities for the redevelopment of Dana Point Harbor. Read the new 12 Guiding Principles here.

DPHAB Requests Enforcement of City's Smoking Ban in Dana Point Harbor

In February the City of Dana Point enacted a new ordinance prohibiting smoking in public places within the city. It came as a surprise to many in the Dana Point Harbor community that the new smoking ban could not be enforced within the harbor. County regulations supersede City regulations, and there are no County rules prohibiting smoking within OC Parks properties, which our harbor is. Members of the Dana Point Harbor community asked the DPHAB to review and consider this matter, which it did at the April meeting. After presentations by County and City representatives, and examination by the group, the Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board voted unanimously to request the County of Orange Boa