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DPHAB Requests Study of Harbor Patrol

The Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board has requested the County of Orange perform an examination of Dana Point Harbor Patrol and its impact on our harbor’s economy. Our harbor’s budget exists independently without subsidy from the County’s general fund or any other external funding source. At a time when we are about to exert enormous stress on our harbor’s economy with the $300 million Harbor Revitalization project, we need to be especially mindful and cautious of how our harbor expends its independent and limited budget. Harbor expenses correlate directly with the rents boaters and commercial tenants pay, as well as the affordability of public coastal access to our harbor. Controlling exp

12 Guiding Principles, the Next Generation

In 1997 then-Supervisor Tom Wilson formed a task force to plant the seeds for the revitalization of Dana Point Harbor. In 1998 this task force developed a list of twelve priorities for harbor redevelopment. These "12 Guiding Principles" laid the foundation for so much of what would follow, and became both a guide to those who would undertake our harbor's renovation, and a shield to protect the early vision for our harbor against periodic efforts to alter it. The 12 Guiding Principles have remained a foundational document for the past 20 years, often referenced as decisions are made on our harbor's present and future. Now, on the 20th anniversary of the 12 Guiding Principles, as we prepare

DPHAB Website Launched

The new website for the Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board was launched today, March 20, 2018. While still under construction, this site features information about the DPHAB, our meeting schedules and agendas, and resources related to our business at hand.